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Laptop Cooling pad price in pakistan

  • Light And Stylish Design
  • Material : Plastic
  • Power Source : USB Port

Ensuring a long-life of your fragile laptop requires extreme protection. To offer you ease

and comfort of technology, now we found a perfect solution for your laptop.
This Laptop Cooling pad price in pakistan includes a singular proprietary style that prevents
yourlaptop from overheating.
It uses natural convection to reinforce fan cooling, and
ensures low power consumption via your laptop’s USB port.

It also includes

fold ready legs that flip it into a table.

Give your laptop a new life!

·Work well anyplace with a laptop computer cooling mat that options a louvered style and 2

built-in fans for optimal air flow.
·Comfortable design ideal for use at home or other areas where a desk or solid work space is not

·Dual fans facilitate disperse laptop computer heat for improved functionality; extends the lifetime of the laptop computer.
·Soft synthetic rubber exterior provides side comfort on your lap.

·Protects lap or work surface from heat.

·Fans square measure battery-powered employing a commonplace USB association which will be connected to your laptop {computer|portable computer} or computer
using a mini-USB cable.

Laptop Cooling pad price in pakistan - buy goshoppingworld

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